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1 Round to be completed before each workout to prime the joints

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Sit back on your heels with your arms reaching out in front of you on the floor. Keeping your head tucked in, slowly start to lift your glutes into the air, until both legs are straight (down-dog position), and then tuck your pelvis and start to round your spine, starting with your lower back, middle back, scapulas and shoulders. Once you reach your shoulders, you should start to lower your hips slowly to the floor, unraveling your spine, with your head being the last to come up (cobra position). To reverse the wave, start by tucking the head first, and then rounding the shoulders, scapulas, middle back until your glutes are sitting back on your heels (1 Rep).

[Regression: Kneeling Spine Wave – 6-8 Reps]

From a loaded position, bend the left leg and bring it up to the outside of your left arm (your shoulder should be in line with your knee), with the opposite leg extended behind you, creating a stretch in your hip flexor and hamstring. Make sure that your back is straight and your actively trying to push your bum out so that your spine doesn’t round (pelvis un-tucked). Once the knee meets the arm, lift yourself and move your weight onto the back leg, into a Cossack Lunge (staying tall through the spine). Come back to the Mountain Climber position, & then back to the loaded position, and go again on the opposite side.

[Regression: Kneeling Mountain Climber – 8 Reps]

Jump up onto a pull-up bar, lockout your arms and legs, and engage your core. Using only your scapulas, start to lift and lower yourself whilst hanging (like a hanging shrug). Keep your pelvis tucked and feet together slightly out in front of you.

[Regression: Scapula Push Up – 10 Reps]

Start in your ‘Silverback’ stance, with the bell just in front of your feet, tilted towards you. Maintain a proud chest, with your shoulders back, knees bent, soft elbows, hike the bell behind you, and explode up using your hips and glutes (don’t squat). The kettlebell should only swing to chest height and no higher, keeping the elbows soft and close to your body. Make sure your abs and glutes especially are engaged at all times, and your knees are staying soft but not bent!. Inhale for the hike back, and out-breath to swing forward.

[Regression: Chest Loaded Hinge – 30 Seconds]

Start in your ‘Silverback’ stance. Horn Clean the bell up to your chest (change your grip to holding the side horns of the bell). Feet should be wherever you feel comfortable, as long as your knees are not dipping inwards. Whilst keeping a straight spine, start to lower yourself into a deep squat, whilst actively spreading the floor apart with your feet to maximize glute and quad activation. Pause at the bottom and take a deep breath, and then push through your heels and glutes to bring yourself back up to standing.

[Regression: Bodyweight Squats – 30 Seconds]

Sit down with your knees bent upwards, staying tall through the spine. Drop both knees down (both facing the left), whilst trying to keep the same distance with your feet as you did when you had your knees up. Turn your torso to face the direction of your knees, keeping your hips still. From here, push up onto your knees with your legs still in that same Shinbox position (extension) and squeeze your glutes, tucking your pelvis. Sit back down into Shinbox without your torso leaning forward (try to stay as vertical as you can), turn your torso back to facing forward, bringing the knees back up, and then switch over to the right side and repeat.

[Regression: Shinbox Switch – 8 Reps]



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Stand in the center of a trap bar with your feet hip-width apart.  Bend your hips and knees, reach down and grasp the handles of the trap bar. From this position, sit your hips back so you feel the tension in your hamstrings. Pull your shoulders down and back, stick your chest up and flatten your back and tuck your chin. Take a deep breath in and tighten your core, explosively stand up by straightening your hips and then your knees. Keep your back flat and core tight. Tighten your glutes at the top of the rep.

[Regression: Double Kettlebell High Hinge Deadlift – 6-8 Reps]

Lower yourself into a bodyweight squat (tall through the spine), jump down onto your hands-arms straight similar to a cobra position, and sprawl your legs out with control (knees just above the floor or lightly touching-do not slam them down!), slightly wider than hip-distance apart. Jump your legs back up to a deep squat position, lift your torso and push through your glutes back up to standing.

[Regression: Squat > Mountain Climber – 8 Reps]

Go into a wide lunge (Front leg-flat foot, back leg-on your toes), feet hip-distance apart  Start to lower yourself to the floor and pick up your weights (suggested use: 5-6kg). Engage your core, draw your shoulders down and back, stay tall through the spine.  On a exhale push through your front foot, squeezing the glutes as you come up to a standing wide lunge (the back foot should still be on your toes). Inhale and lower yourself with the weights down by your sides. It is important that you allow your front knee to go over the front foot as much as your mobility allows, until the back knee touches the floor, and then engage everything to push yourself back up.

[Regression: Bodyweight Split Squat – 6 Reps/Side]

Clean the Kettlebell around your right wrist. Step up with your right leg, placing it further across the standing left leg (so that your right foot is past your left hip). Once you have stepped up with the right leg, bring the left foot to meet your right on the box. Inhale and step the felt foot down to the floor into a Dragon Lunge (past your right hip). Keep the right leg on the box and continue to step up with the left leg from that Dragon Lunge for 5 Reps.

[Regression: Alt. Racked Dragon Lunges – 6 Reps]

Start in your loaded position, (sitting back on your heels, on your toes, arms reached out in front of you) ready to explosively pull yourself forward and jump up into the air, landing back down in a deep squat, then jump back into a loaded position.



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Start on all fours, inhale, and slightly round your spine to bring your right leg up into a Kneeling Mountain Climber. Exhale and push the leg into the arm. On your next inhale, start to slowly shift your hips back, aiming to sit on your heels (you don’t have to sit on your heels). Once you’ve hit your end range, start to pull yourself forward again all the way to your starting position, and then pull forward even more, so that your shoulders are now over your wrists. Once you’ve got to as far as you can, start to return to a Kneeling Mountain Climber, replace the leg, and then inhale-bring up the opposite leg and repeat. [Regression: Alt. Kneeling Mountain Climbers – 6 Slow Reps]

Go onto all fours, bring up your right knee and push it against your right armpit, lengthen and straighten out your spine. Start to roll your foot over to the outside, so your knee is now coming away from your armpit, reach up with your right arm and turn your torso to face it. Take a deep breath, then bring it all back and switch legs.

Start by sitting down with your knees bent, and your feet wider than hip-width apart. Drop both knees to one side at a 90-degree angle. Start to rotate your torso towards the knee that is closest to you, then lower your upper body onto your leg/knee – Take a deep breath. Aim to keep the spine long as you do this. Begin to lift your torso back up, then lift both knees and switch sides (drop both knees to the other side). [Regression: Alt. Pigeon Pose – 4 Slow Reps]

Lay on your front with your arms out to either side, kick one foot up towards the ceiling and take it over the opposite leg until the toe taps the floor, right next to the hamstring of the other leg. Reach in opposite direction through each arm, stretching your lower torso and opening your hips, whilst actively pushing the bent knee outwards. Breathe deeply, and then replace the leg and repeat on the opposite side.


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