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The Evolution of Movement: The Origins of Animalistic Movements in Martial Arts

The Evolution of Movement: The Origins of Animalistic Movements in Martial Arts Steph & Jay Rose performing the Gorilla Walk (www.phase6online.com) It’s no secret that animals have long served as a source of motivation for humans. Animals have always played important roles in human culture, from prehistoric cave paintings to today’s mainstream media. The incorporation […]

Flexibility Meets Strength: The Synergy of Resistance and Mobility Training

Flexibility Meets Strength: The Synergy of Resistance and Mobility Training Introduction to Resistance Training Weights or other forms of resistance are used in resistance training, sometimes referred to as strength training, to strengthen the muscles and increase their strength, mass, and endurance. Exercises like weightlifting, Calisthenics, and resistance band exercises fall under this category. The […]

Christmas for the Health Conscious

Believe it or not, there is a way to stay healthy, avoid bloating, and not put on 5lbs over Christmas whilst still enjoying the festivities, and not depriving yourself of tasty food. Just follow these tips! Always Read The Label You may not be used to doing so, but make sure that you’re reading the […]

Easy Steps to Becoming More Sustainable

Going plastic-free has sparked a lot of conversation and positive change recently. As more companies are doing the right thing and taking a look at their impact on our planet, we are all slowly becoming more and more aware of how the things that we do daily (without much thought) can be causing more damage […]

What Are Our Phase SiX Training Methods all About?

We all know that the fitness industry can be filled with confusing and misleading information, so we won’t bombard you with negative facts and stats! Instead, we want to recap what we do at Phase SiX to be a part of the solution, not the problem! At Phase SiX, we use physical and mental training […]

Nutrition Made Easy

Nutrition is 70% accountable for our successful training and healthy weight loss, so it’s no wonder that “what do you eat?” always comes up in conversation. So here’s a little intro as to how I got into nutrition, my stages of obsessive healthy eating, and what is working for me now! WHERE IT ALL BEGAN […]

The Power of Visualisation

Looking back over a few years I can see that the major changes to my overall awareness and mental attitude came down to reading books. There were a few specific books that literally changed my life, opened my mind to the power of my subconscious, and taught me how I could create the life that […]

Top 3 Mobility Drills for Beginners!

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is “where do I begin?”.   Our personal advice is to jump right in! You’ll never know what you need to work on until you try the movements. Theres no point holding yourself back and putting yourself in that ‘beginners box’, so you never try […]

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