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FOUNDATIONS is our brand NEW online workout program that focuses on refining and mastering the Kettlebell and Bodyweight fundamentals in order to build strength and mobility simultaneously, as well as including active recovery days to improve longevity and overall athletic performance!

The one-time payment of 49.99 USD will allow you to revisit your program as many times as you like within 1 year, before your access to the program is automatically cancelled. You will not be charged more than once. This program is available online only and videos cannot be downloaded. This is not a subscription, therefore new videos are not added throughout your access. Refunds or exchanges will not be accepted after 48 hours from purchase date.


This program comes with 50+ verbal tutorial videos, as well as additional tutorial videos for regression to movements that are more advanced! All videos come with “real” time instructions throughout, making it easy for you to work out with us! Our Foundations programming is designed to suit all levels of fitness and mobility. If you’re just getting into our training methods, or you want to perfect your form and technique, then this is the program for you!

  • Lay the Foundations to Increase Your Strength + Mobility
  • Recommended Workout Schedule Provided • Kettlebell and Bodyweight Strength + Mobility Drills
  • Tools Required: 1 x Kettlebell, Plyo Box/Elevated Surface
  • Complement Your Skill-Based Practice
  • Can be Implemented Into Other Stretching/Mobility/Skill Work
  • Recommended Programming Schedule: Repeat for at least 4-6 Weeks
  • Daily 45 Minute-1.5 Hour Workouts
  • Single Payment of $49.99 USD
  • No Subscription.


No Automated Repayments (This program also comes with in-depth written descriptions below each movement and a downloadable PDF version of the program for times when you can’t access the Internet!)