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Transform Your Fitness with Steph Rose’s ‘Make It Look Easy’ Program!

Unleash your full potential in this 12-week strength and mobility program, meticulously designed by Steph Rose. Progress through three dynamic stages, experiencing a tailored 3-day workout week featuring Movement Prep, Main Session Circuits, and Decompression.

What’s Included:

– 3 progressive levels for diverse fitness goals

– Expertly crafted workouts mirroring Steph’s training approach

– Comprehensive exercises with 10 movements per session

– Essential tools guide for a gym or home setup

– Versatility for various movement levels

– Seamless integration with skill-based training activities

– Full workout videos for each session

– Introduction video offering valuable tips and recommendations

Elevate your fitness journey, replace traditional strength training, and embrace a personalized, guided approach to achieving your fitness goals. Join Steph Rose in ‘Make It Look Easy’ today!



The BRAND NEW online program by Steph Rose, “Make It Look Easy“, is a progressive 12-week, strength and mobility program, focussing on all the progressions that Steph uses within her own training.



Lay the foundation. This is the first stage of the program, that should be followed for 4 weeks before moving onto the next section.


Elevate your skills. This is the second stage of the program, and includes more advancements/progressions to movements learnt in weeks 1-4. This section should be followed for 4 further weeks.


Master your movement. The most advanced stage within the program. Includes progressions and strength and mobility drills that Steph uses in her current practice.

Why Start at Weeks 1-4?

Even if you’re an advanced mover, dive into the fundamentals to maximize results, grasp progressions, and refine your cues!



  • Steph’s program comes with 3 levels. Each level includes a different 3-day workout week (Lower Body focus, Upper Body focus, and a Conditioning focus). Each level is to be followed for 4 weeks.
  • Designed to accommodate various movement levels, promoting progression
  • Each workout day features Movement Prep, Main Session Circuits, and Decompression
  • Approximately 10 different exercises/movements per workout day
  • Tools required: (A gym setting/home gym set-up is ideal) Pair of light, moderate, & heavy weight kettlebells, suspension rings/pull up bar (or something to hang off of), a step-up platform/plyo box (or any elevated surface), light-medium resistance band, parallette bars, and a dumbbell set (can be subbed for a kettlebell). A yoga mat can be used for movement on all fours if preferred, but not necessary.
  • This program is designed to replace your current strength training, but can be seamlessly integrated with other skill-based training activities like Martial Arts, Rock Climbing, Dance, Skateboarding, etc.
  • Each workout day is shown as one full video.
  • Introduction video guides you through the program, offering valuable tips and recommendations

5 reviews for MAKE IT LOOK EASY – By Steph Rose

  1. Avatar

    Jodie Kilminster (verified owner)

    Who would you recommend this program to? : Anyone! Complete beginners to more advanced strength

    I’m on level 2 of Make It Look Easy so far and I LOVE it. I’m a pretty flexible person but after health issues and life events, I’d stopped working on my strength so I was a bit scared to dive into a programme. But Steph really does make it look easy! I love the video demonstrations, even the moves that initially sound or look hard, once Steph breaks them down, they are really not!

    I’m looking forward to completing the programme and then I’ll start it all over again with heavier weights and upping the reps. So it’s not just 12 weeks – it’s forever!

    I truly believe by the end of the programme I’m going to be thrilled with my results, because I already am after 4 weeks! Here’s to being strong, flexible and mobile!

  2. Avatar

    Alexis Griffin (verified owner)

    Who would you recommend this program to? : Anyone looking to challenge themselves with strength and mobility

    Steph has such great cuing and feels so natural to follow along with her. As a physical therapist, I’m pretty picky about whose programs I follow and Steph has a really smart way of progressing her movements. It’s a really smart and actually enjoyable program!

  3. Avatar

    Jodi Herron (verified owner)

    Who would you recommend this program to? : Everyone looking to add strength training to their life and looking for help from a professional to do so! :)

    I love it. It took me a minute to assemble my home workout gym so I’m still working on level 1. I’m also training for a marathon right now so I’m only able to complete 2 of these workouts per week. I have been wanting to add strength training to my healthy habits but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. For me, this program is exactly what I’ve been wishing for. I am progressively building strength and mobility and I’m making progress toward my goal of being able to do a pullup someday. Steph explains everything very clearly which is helpful for me being new to strength training. I can wholeheartedly say this program is improving the quality of my life. I feel stronger, more comfortable in my body, and just generally more badass. Thank you 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Lori Kohler (verified owner)

    Who would you recommend this program to? : Anyone willing to try a different and challenging workout rountine

    I am not a flexible person and used to do a lot of HIIT workouts for strength and endurance. While I loved them and got stronger, my joints did not like them. I came upon Phase6Online workouts as a way to increase my mobility and strength. I am on Level 2 and am loving the challenging rountines, while increasing my strength and mobility. I am forever grateful to the Roses.

  5. Avatar

    Jennifer (verified owner)

    It seems this style of training is all the rage these days but Steph Rose is the original. Well thought out complete plans that I’m excited to incorporate into my training. I love how my body is feeling after only a week. I can’t wait to go through the whole program.

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