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Phase SiX Mobility for Beginners


The Phase SiX Ultimate Guide To Mobility Training For Beginners is your go-to guide on how to incorporate mobility training into a busy schedule to build a resilient, strong and durable body. We cover strategy, exercises, progress, total body engagement, warm-ups, cool-downs, recovery and more. 


*Disclaimer*: This is a theory-based e-Book, and not a workout program.

This e-book covers our approach to building lifelong mobility. We consider the ability to move easily from one position to another to be an essential part of overall longevity and durability. Rather than detracting from your strength training, our approach to mobility (“Time Efficiency Training” or TET) enables you to perform optimally throughout all movements, ensuring you remain in control for the complete range of motion. We will show you how to incorporate this training into your program to build both strength and mobility simultaneously. This turbo-charges your training sessions and ensures you can move with purpose and prevent injuries. Given this book is targeted for the beginner and not the professional athlete, our TET approach is designed to fit into busy schedules. We also cover priming your joints for training, cool-downs, recovery, and how to prevent burnout and overtraining. This e-book shows you where and how to start, with specific exercises and progressions/regressions to cater to your level. By following the approach laid out here, you’ll be training smarter, more efficiently, and more sustainably.