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Phase SiX Online Bundle


Save 10% by purchasing our PHASE SiX ONLINE BUNDLE! This bundle includes two of our latest programs: FOUNDATIONS and MOBILITY, which both focus on building Strength and Mobility using a range of Bodyweight (Mobility) and Kettlebell (Foundations) techniques!

The one-time payment of 90 USD will allow you to revisit both Phase SiX Online: FOUNDATIONS + MOBILITY as many times as you like within 1 year before your access to the programs is automatically canceled. You will NOT be automatically re-charged. It is then up to you whether you want to re-purchase or select a new program after 1 year. This program is available online only and videos cannot be downloaded. This is not a subscription, therefore new videos are NOT added throughout your access. Refunds or exchanges will not be accepted after 48 hours from purchase date.


Each program comes with over 50 pre-recorded verbal tutorial videos in “real” time so that you can follow along and do the movements with us! We also include suggested regressions for movements that are slightly more advanced/require more range of motion, as well as provide in-depth written descriptions below each movement, and a downloadable PDF version of the program for times when you can’t access the internet!

Tools required:

MOBILITY: Ideally you will want to have a Pull-Up Bar/Something you can hang off, and a pair of Suspension Rings (preferably not TRX). These tools are not mandatory, and you can still get plenty out of this program if you don’t have access to them. The tools for this program are only used for a total of 4 movements on Day 1 (some bodyweight alternatives are also suggested).

FOUNDATIONS: All you will need is 1 Kettlebell to use for both lower and upper body workouts (although 2 would be ideal: one for the upper body, and one for the lower body), and either a Plyo Box/an elevated surface to stand on. For example, this could be a bench, a few weighted plates, or anything that will hold your weight.

  • Build a Strong and Mobile Foundation Using Weighted and Un-Weighted Workouts
  • Both Programs can be Implemented Into Other Stretching/Mobility/Skill Work
  • Recommended Programming Schedule: Repeat One Program for at least 4-6 Weeks Before
  • Moving onto the Next Program
  • Daily 45 Minute-1.5 Hour Workouts
  • Single Payment of 90.00 USD (Access to Both Programs for 1 Year)
  • No Subscription. No Automated Repayments

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