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Phase SiX Unite For The Revolution Workshop


19-20th November 2022 | Alliance Jiu Jitsu | San Diego, CA  (times TBC)

Kettlebell & Bodyweight Workshop

DAY 1: Bodyweight (times TBC)

Joint Mobility Warm-Up | Durability, Strength, & Mobility Drills | Crawling Patterns/Ground-Based Locomotion | Ground-Standing Transitions | Creating Chain Movement Patterns | Decompression

DAY 2: Kettlebell (times TBC)

Joint Mobility Warm-Up |Kettlebell Fundamentals/Form/Technique | Kettlebell Compound Strength & Mobility | Kettlebell Chain Movement Patterns | Mat-Based Kettlebell Drills | Decompression


UNITE with Phase SiX for our first-ever 2-day workshop in San Diego, California!

Over the course of the 2-day event, you will be coached by the Phase SiX founders, Steph and Jay Rose, who will be taking you through the fundamentals and benefits of unconventional, time-efficient training methods, that focus on building strength and mobility simultaneously.

You will be provided with in-depth knowledge to become proficient in bodyweight movements such as strength and mobility drills, ground-based locomotion/crawling patterns, and chain movement patterns (“flow”), alongside mastering the fundamentals of kettlebells, using correct form and technique.

Phase SiX workshops always have a huge emphasis on longevity training, and aim to provide you with a greater understanding of the fundamental principles in order for you to create a solid foundation that will work to improve your strength, mobility, flexibility, durability, as well as be able to train more efficiently and effectively.

DAY 1: We will take you through our bodyweight section of the workshop (5 hours, breaks included).

DAY 2: We will take you through the kettlebell section of the workshop (5 hours, breaks included).

It is time to perform at your highest potential, train more efficiently and move with intent and purpose!

This workshop is suitable for all levels, but is ideal for movement enthusiasts, Martial Artists, and athletes of all kinds, who are looking to take their game to a whole new level!

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