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Elevate Your Fitness with STRONG SERIES: Kettlebell + Bodyweight Edition!

Experience our cutting-edge online workout program designed for efficiency and results. Dive into unconventional training methods, dynamic kettlebell and bodyweight flows, strength and mobility drills, and active recovery, all crafted to enhance your Athletic Performance and Longevity.

Key Features:

– Progressive online program for a transformative fitness journey

– Time-efficient and unconventional training methods

– Kettlebell and bodyweight flows for dynamic workouts

– Strength and mobility drills for a well-rounded fitness experience

– Active recovery to support overall performance and longevity



– One-time payment of $199.00 USD for unlimited access within 1 year

– No recurring charges – pay once and access anytime

– Online-only access; videos cannot be downloaded

– No subscription; program content remains consistent

– Refunds or exchanges not accepted after 48 hours from purchase

Elevate your workout experience today!


Unleash Your Athletic Potential with Phase SiX Online: STRONG SERIES: Kettlebell + Bodyweight Edition!

Introducing our first-ever progressive online program!

Embark on a transformative fitness journey with our Phase SiX Online: STRONG SERIES. This unique program combines time-efficient, unconventional training methods with kettlebell and bodyweight movement chains, strength and mobility drills, and active recovery, ensuring overall enhanced Athletic Performance and Longevity.


Program Highlights:

What’s Included

– Over 130 tutorials and follow-along workout videos for ultimate convenience

– Suitable for all fitness levels, whether you’re a beginner or seeking to perfect your form and technique

– Comprehensive Movement Prep, Main Session, and Decompression Circuits in each workout

– Active Recovery Days to promote lower-intensity recovery

– Progressions for selected movements, allowing advancement

– Tools required: 2 x Kettlebells, Plyo Box/Elevated Surface, Pull-Up Bar (or equivalent)

– Video tutorials and separate workout videos for easy follow-along

– Ideal complement to skill-based practices such as Martial Arts or Outdoor Sports

– Integrates seamlessly into stretching, mobility, and skill work

– Recommended 8-week programming, with gradual progression outlined

– Workout duration: Approximately 45 minutes (dependent on chosen Sets)

– One-time payment of $199 USD (no subscription fees)


Advancements and Progressions

Experience advancements in selected movements, enabling you to progress once you’ve mastered the fundamentals.


Added Value

– One-time payment. No Automated Repayments

– In-depth written descriptions accompany each movement

– Downloadable PDF version of the program for offline access


Elevate your fitness experience with Phase SiX Online: STRONG SERIES. Perfect for those just starting or aiming to maximize strength and mobility. Power up your fitness journey and transform your workouts today!

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