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Welcome to Phase SiX Online! Our training methods are designed to revolutionize your workouts by helping you build strength and mobility at the same time, increase longevity, and promote intentional, purposeful movement.

Our programming does not have to be completed in any particular order, but we do recommend starting with our Foundations and Mobility programs.


Understand why you should be implementing time efficiency training methods into your workout routine, and discover the benefits of training for strength, mobility, and longevity for improved athletic performance and better quality of life, instead of a “eat to train/train to eat’, or “more is better” mentality. Learn our favourite movements to save you time and improve your relationship with training!


Learn how to perform movements correctly with (or without) tools, with our in-depth verbal cues throughout each tutorial video. Understand how to choose a weight that suits you, and what progressions/regression match your current abilities. Advice on the difference between pain and discomfort, and knowing your limits!


Learn how to create full-body tension in order to maximize your mobility and strength for all levels of fitness, including how to grip the tools, and how to perform all set up/ready positions for bodyweight and kettlebell exercises correctly. All movements are suitable for beginners to athletes, and there are suggested regressions/progressions for the more advanced movements that require more mobility. Our programs are perfect for all practices, Martial Artist/Combat Athletes, Dancers, Surfers, Skateboarders, and of course, people who just want to become stronger and more mobile!


Understand the importance of warming up before, and cooling down after a session for improved performance and longevity with our full-body Joint Mobility Warm Up, and Movement Prep and Decompression circuits. Learn how to sync your breath with your movement to promote a mind-body connection and maintain a strong structure throughout.


Learn how to use time-efficient training methods to build strength and mobility simultaneously (flexibility comes for free!) and “make it look easy!” Challenge yourself with becoming comfortable in uncomfortable positions for rapid results and increased durability. Maintain healthy joints by incorporating bodyweight ground-to-standing transitions, joint mobility drills, and groundbased/ animal locomotion alongside building unconventional and conventional strength!


Learn how to become fluid and confident with piecing movements together by practicing our selected bodyweight and kettlebell flow breakdowns so that you can get inspired and eventually create your own sequences! Looking for bodyweight flows only? Then Check out our Mobility program. Looking for kettlebell and bodyweight flows? Then check our Phase I & Phase II Bundle Package!


  • For our Phase SiX Online: Mobility program, ideally, you will want to have a Pull-Up Bar/Something you can hang off, and a pair of Suspension Rings (preferably not TRX). These tools are not mandatory, and you can still get plenty out of this program if you don’t have access to them. The tools for this program are only used for a total of 4 movements on Day 1 (some bodyweight alternatives are also suggested).
  • For our Phase SiX Online: Foundations program, all you will need is 1 kettlebell to use for both lower and upper body workouts (although 2 would be ideal: one for the upper body, and one for the lower body), and either a Plyo Box/an elevated surface to stand on. For example, this could be a bench, a few weighted plates, or anything that will hold your weight.
  • For our Phase I and Phase II programs, you’ll need a range of tools: Battle Ropes, a Trap Bar, a Med Ball, 2 Kettlebells, a Pull-Up Bar, a Plyo Box, and Suspension Rings.


All of our programs (except one) have been designed to require very little space and can be completed outside, on grass, at home using a matt or two to provide some comfort, or in a gym (PHASE I is the only program that is best suited to a gym setting due to the number of different tools and space that they can take up).


If you are on a tight training schedule, and you want to supplement your practice with one of our programs, then we would suggest choosing our Phase SiX Online: Mobility program. All of our other online programs should replace your current strength/weighted workouts, as they include weight training, and this would lead to overtraining! We have designed our programs to allow time for your hobbies/practices, whether you are doing Jiu-Jitsu, bike riding, or running in between your training, or on your days off, we have given you the option to either implement or replace the Active Recovery Days provided with your hobby/practice if you wish to.


Our latest programs, Phase SiX Online: Foundations and Mobility, each come with verbal tutorial videos in “real” time so that you can follow along and do the movements with us! We include regressions for movements that are slightly more advanced/require more range of motion, as well as provide in-depth written descriptions below each movement, and a downloadable PDF version of the program is also available, as well as over 50 pre-recorded videos within each program!

  • Phase SiX Online: Foundations focuses on mastering the fundamentals/principles of kettlebell and bodyweight training and includes our top kettlebell ‘compound’ movements for building strength and mobility, and Active Recovery days.
  • Phase SiX Online: Mobility focuses on building strength and mobility using bodyweight drills, accommodating resistance, flow breakdowns, as well as active recovery days in between strength-based workouts.
  • Phase I focuses on improving athletic performance and conditioning, using a range of unconventional tools, as well as body weight exercises and Active Recovery days. (Phase I comes with in-depth written descriptions only, as well as a downloadable PDF.)
  • Phase II focuses on a “less is more” technique, using just kettlebell and bodyweight training to build strength and mobility. (Phase II comes with in-depth written descriptions only, as well as a downloadable PDF.)

Lastly, all programs purchases are a one-time payment, meaning that there are no re-payments after your purchase, and you have a full year to re-visit the program as many times as you like before it is automatically cancelled once your 1-year access is up!

Our programs are accessible online, via our website, where you will have your own account that you can visit any time you like, worldwide!

Phase SiX Online Bundle

Mobility + Foundations
$ 90
One Single Payment | No Subscription
  • Valid For ONE YEAR
  • Includes Mobility and Foundation Programs
  • One Single Payment of 90.00 USD (Access for 1 year)
  • Follow Along Videos, Verbal Instructions from Jay & Steph
10% Off


Master the Fundamentals
$ 49
99 USD
One Single Payment | No Subscription
  • Valid For ONE YEAR
  • One Single Payment of 49.99 USD (Access for 1 year)
  • Programming is Designed to Suit Beginners to Elite Athletes
  • Maintaining & Refining the Fundamentals


Bodyweight | Accommodating Resistance
$ 49
99 USD
One Single Payment | No Subscription
  • Valid For ONE YEAR
  • One Single Payment of 49.99 USD (Access for 1 Year)
  • Follow-Along Videos, Verbal Instructions from Jay & Steph
  • 5-Day's of Bodyweight Only Workouts/Mobility Drills


Phase I + Phase II
$ 68
One Single Payment | No Subscription
  • Valid For ONE YEAR
  • Includes Phase I and Phase II Programs
  • One Single Payment of 68.00 USD (Access for 1 year)
  • Movement Demo Videos with Written Instruction
  • PDF Included






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