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What Are Our Phase SiX Training Methods all About?

We all know that the fitness industry can be filled with confusing and misleading information, so we won’t bombard you with negative facts and stats!

Instead, we want to recap what we do at Phase SiX to be a part of the solution, not the problem!

At Phase SiX, we use physical and mental training to improve athletic performance. We have discovered the most efficient way to train through years of research and testing: smarter, not harder. We focus on moving with intent and building strength and mobility simultaneously. By training with purpose, we can create a strong foundation, shift the weaknesses of the human body to a state of durability, and develop a strong mind-body connection.

We like to use unconventional training methods (tools, strength and conditioning, chain movement patterns, and calisthenics), durability (mobility and human longevity), crawling patterns (quadrupedal locomotion), combat (Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA) and recovery (meditation, decompression, visualization, therapies, and treatments).


As a brand, we’ve chosen to steer clear of high-volume training, as these types of methods take a massive toll on the body, leaving very little time for recovery and increase the rate of injuries (we should all know by now, that we need adequate recovery to make gains!). Instead, we focus on time-efficient training methods to help with both building strength and mobility simultaneously, injury prevention, and improve overall longevity.

Our online programming is free from mindless, unnecessary movements to get your heart rate going, as we believe that your workouts should not just be about “getting it done”, or the number of calories burned, etc…

Your movement should be challenging, meditative (spending time connecting your breath to your movement, improving mind-body connection), and most importantly, something that you look forward to doing.

This is exactly why we carefully select movements and combine them in a time-efficient way, leaving your day with plenty of space freed up for your hobbies!

Not sure where to begin? We recommend starting with our latest program, Phase SiX Online: Foundations if you’re looking to master the fundamentals of kettlebell and bodyweight training, to build a strong foundation “from the ground up”. This program is suitable for beginners and includes regressions to accommodate all levels of fitness.

Or maybe you want to “de-load” and take a break from weighted workouts? In that case, you can build strength and mobility simultaneously using your bodyweight only, accommodating resistance, and flow-breakdowns to maximize your longevity with our Phase SiX Online: Mobility program.

WHAT ABOUT TOOLS? So now that we’ve gone into a bit of detail about our training methods and philosophy, let’s talk about why we use specific ones to get the most out of our workouts!

The tools that we use in our online programming are almost always the unconventional kind, as we believe unconventional methods (especially kettlebells and suspension rings) are underrated and can provide many different benefits than traditional weightlifting.

For example, due to the difference in weight distribution of a kettlebell, and the unstable nature of suspension rings, they both add a new level of complexity to a wide variety of movements.

Although we do agree that dumbbells and barbells have their place, they can be limited and can lack versatility, and we don’t want you to miss out on all of the awesome benefits of unconventional tools!

However, if you’re totally new to this type of training, it can be helpful to start working on your mobility using just your body weight, with the top three mobility drills for beginners.

Want to read more? Check our latest article, which is featured in the Insider, where we talk about the benefits of “accommodating resistance”, and how you don’t need weights to gain upper body strength!

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